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Berries continue to rank number one in the produce department in both sales and volume each year. We’re continually working to grow our consumer database and analyze data from multiple sources that helps us further understand shopping behavior, retail category data, and emerging trends in produce. From promotions, emails, Buzz blog recipe sharing and more – California Giant has worked hard to build a robust database of loyal and engaged customers.

Shopper Data

We collect a database of berry enthusiast shoppers through our ongoing consumer marketing programs. As of June 2019, we’ve learned the preferences of nearly 100,000 individual shoppers.

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Retail Category Trends

Using Q2 2019 data from the California Strawberry Commission, we analyze the berry category as it relates to total produce & overall store sales. Currently, the berry category ranks #1 in produce sales with 4.3% growth in dollar sales YOY across all top 11 produce categories.

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Blueberry Usage and Attitudes

Sourcing the latest data from the US Highbush Blueberry council, we analyze increasing consumer usage and attitude towards blueberries. The report finds that there has been an 11% increase in consumer purchase intent for blueberries from 2013 – 2017, and more consumers are choosing this berry for their health.

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Quarterly Retail Data

We share the latest quarterly insights from the United Fresh Produce Association. As of December 2018, 67% of households are purchasing strawberries annually with a 5.9% increase in sales. 43% of households are purchasing blueberries annually with a 10.5% increase in sales.

  • Organic strawberries have increased in sales by 6.5%. Organic blueberries have increased by 24.3%.
  • Non-GMO products have increased in sales by 8.9% YOY. All California Giant berries are free of GMOs.
  • 67% of households are purchasing strawberries annually with a 5.9% increase in sales YOY.
  • 43% of households are purchasing blueberries annually with a 10.5% increase in sales YOY.

"In-store fresh strawberries generated more than $52 million in sales last Valentine’s Day. With only a few months to go, we’re preparing for a big retail push in Q1 and recently started planting for the 2020 season. Our South American production will be very good this season and right in line with our current forecasted volumes."

Nick Chappell, Director of Retail Sales

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California Giant Berry Farms in Watsonville, CA, was one of the early adopters of using social media as a marketing tool. The company has learned much over the past several years and continues to hone its efforts and experience.

"We are pretty strong in connecting with the consumer through social media," said Cindy Jewell, the company's vice president of marketing. "We are talking directly to our brand loyalists and trying to turn them into brand evangelists."

Cal Giant is doing this through a software platform called HubSpot. Jewell calls it a "permission-based" communication tool with individual consumers.

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