Display and Merchandising

Display Tips and Merchandising Support from California Giant

We understand that space is valuable in the produce department. That's why we provide, small (7″x11″), simple header cards to accent your berry displays and provide important consumer information. Research shows that consumers respond positively to point-of-sale materials that provide nutritional facts and usage tips. In addition, we can provide your stores with consumer recipe cards or other customized materials to fit your store format.

Our consumer videos and Sales Sheets are also available for your use to assist customers with tips on selection and storage and recipes for the entire lineup of California Giant berries.

TOP 4 Berry Tips for Your Shoppers!:

  • Keep berries refrigerated at all times until ready to serve.
  • Don't wash berries until ready to serve.
  • When washing use a gentle spray of cool water.
  • Don't remove green cap from strawberries until after rinsing.