Fresh berries aren’t just good for consumers. They are also a key contributor to the vitality of your produce department. Data from 2015 indicate the huge positive impact the fresh berry category has on retail sales – and trends show that the impact is GROWING. So, California Giant Berry Farms is, too. Consistently listening to and utilizing the latest available data to adjust and improve business strategy, California Giant Berry Farms remains a reliable provider of top-quality strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries and a partner in your success.

In 2015, U.S. fruit sales increased by 2.5%
The berry category grew by 5.6% and represented 19.3% of total fruit sales.
Calgiant.com features over 50 berry recipes that incorporate other fresh produce items, helping to boost shopper inspiration and overall produce sales.
69% of shoppers consume blueberries
California Giant Berry Farms' blueberry volume has increased by over 50% the past 4 years.
Today, U.S. adults snack almost as many times as they eat meals each day.
60% of blueberry consumers prefer to eat them simply fresh as a snack, followed by on yogurt or cereal.
Calgiant.com offers DOZENS of snack recipes featuring all of our berries.
75% of households purchase berries on 8 trips per year
Purchases by Quarter: Q1 - 26%, Q2 - 32%, Q3 - 25%, and Q4 - 16% Calgiant.com hosts regular promotions and sweepstakes throughout the year to inspire berry purchases and consumer engagement - even during off-peak seasons.
Consumer Promotions:
January - Blended, Splendid and Smooth 2015 New Year Edition March - California Giant Berry Farms #BerryBest Spring Break Sweepstakes September - Fresh Start October - Scary Berries December - Just Drizzle It!
Today's shopper is inspired by fresh Seeking less processed foods and healthier alternatives without sacrificing flavor
fork, knife, and plate icon Calgiant.com features dozens of dishes that are vegan, gluten-free or paleo - and overflowing with flavor!
Research shows that at-home meal prep is inspired by new food ideas seen online, on TV or at their favorite market
California Giant Berry Farms' Consumer Blog presents new and exciting recipes ranging from trendy to traditional 8+ times a month and is available for fresh inspiration 24/7/365. The Buzz Blog logo
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